Rave Reviews from Satisfied Clients

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We were shocked at our Husky, Blitz’s, aggressive response to our newborn son! We were devastated at the thought of re-homing our “first son” Blitz especially because he has always loved kids. Through Megan’s careful desensitization and counter conditioning program Blitz has come around and is being completely normal with Ethan! Blitz does not look “stressed” any more when he is around Ethan, rather he approaches looking for petting and attention. It was a tough road in the beginning, but with Ethan getting bigger and Blitz adjusting, things are right back to normal. It’s really nice having Blitz be part of the family again. Thank you!
– Mike, Kate and Ethan Miller
We can’t thank you enough for teaching our human mom and dad how to communicate better with us. When mom walks me (Shelby) I can’t take my attention off her, its great! Now, when mom calls me (Maverick) I don’t ignore her. She knows what I want, it is great! We really love it when mom gives us the frozen treats before going to work. ..Your customer training was able to target the areas that needed the most work. Thanks again for all the support and training you provided.
– Maverick & Shelby Wallington
Megan helped train us to manage Boo as part of our family and to be well mannered. He was always excitable with company and would cry all the time in his crate if we were in the same room. He also cried at night and preferred to sleep on our couch instead of his crate. Now he loves his crate and is happy to lie there quietly even when we have company. He has learned to greet guests in a considerate manner instead of jumping excitedly! We have learned how to use the crate training to effectively create a happy and positive environment for the whole family. Megan’s patience and passion for animals has been greatly appreciated while she helped train the whole family!
– Cheryl

When we adopted our dogs two years ago, they were about one year old. While they were well behaved around the house, they were completely uncontrollable out in the world. The dogs walked me and I dreaded veterinary visits. After only six training sessions with Megan, my dogs were attentive to me, listening to my direction, and ready for group lessons. Megan translated my dogs’ behavior into terms I could understand. Her explanations are funny and relatable – and very effective. She broke down each new skill into small parts and taught me to reward each step along the way. The dogs love it, I love it, and it has brought us so much success. Our dogs are now a pleasure to have with us all the time. Megan has a gift for teaching – for teaching dogs and for teaching people about dogs. She uses small steps, positive reinforcement, consistency, and a lot of patience. I highly, highly recommend her.

– Liz Casella

Thank you so much for all your time spent training our dogs (and us). We had a great time with both dogs at Thanksgiving. We followed your advice and they both adjusted to all the noise and people very quickly. The tree is still standing and no ornaments have been chewed, so all is well. I hope you and your family have a great holiday.

– Jackie, Ron & Skeeter Chapin